Oh, and if you're recovering from an ED - good for you, but this isn't the place for you.
And if you are "suffering" from an ED - follow the recoveries. This isn't a place for "victims".
This is a choice,
not an excuse,
not a spotlight,
not a statement,
and definitely not a disease.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ughh Son

Gotta make this quick

Bad News: Told my best friend a little bit about ED. Basically said, once an ED, always an ED.
Good News: I think she's an ED - we both took laxies last night.
Bad News: I haven't shit yet and I'm about to go play soccer.
Good News: I have 3 soccer games today (only 50 mins. each) to burn off some popcorn and egg from last night.
Bad News: I ate popcorn and eggs when completely hammed last night.
Good News: I got completely hammed last night.

Tonight I may spend the night in Toronto, or I may go party at my friends' new place around the corner. Depends on how we do in our tournament today.

PS - My stomach is getting flatter and my lovehandles are dissapearing, not as fast as I'd like, but it's happening and it's progress and I'll take what I can get.

Hang in there, Lovelies :)
And have a great weekend!


  1. I need to buy a soccer ball. It's my favourite sport, yet I never take part in it!

    Hurrah for emerging washboard abs!

    How was your tournament?

  2. Virtual high-five for the disappearing flesh! I really hope your friend is someone you can trust with this. I regret telling my besties. By now the game is over, but the running should help if you haven't gotten results. Remember not to overdo them or nothing at all will happen and you can actually gain weight.

    Luck, luck, luck!!!

  3. first of all... how annoying is it when you dont go #2 for like days at a time. fuckkk... ugh i always feel all bloated and yuck. 2nd... soccer omg that shit burns so much calories, i really want to join a league around here. and in response to your newest post... bleh on the plateau... good luck to being 120 by mondayyy