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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All Right Now (song by Free - download it)

Can't write much because I'm about to go out.
Everything went as well as it could have last night in terms of breaking up. Of course I was upset - but I wasn't mad or angry at myself or anyone in particular. Everything changes and I can either mope around the house and cry for weeks about losing him or get back on my feet, cheer up, stick with being friends, and be optimistic. (I chose the latter as you can tell!)
As for thinspo, I've discovered a new brand of clothing. It's too expensive for me, of course, but I love their site. Their girls' line is called Boys and their site features their clothing in candid polaroids with fantastic models. Here's a sneak:

They have spreads and real ads, too. (I like the polaroids better)

I will chat with all of you lovelies tomorrow. Sorry I'm being so negligent of my blog and whatnot. Hopefully I'll have time to breathe tomorrow at work and perhaps post! Also - thanks for all your support on the break up - really appreciate it :)

(New Gossip Girl season started yesterday - Hurah! - I mean, it's a shitty show but it's addicting. And who can resist a whole hour of Blake Lively?!)


  1. I'm proud of how you're handling your breakup. I don't think I could do the same, but if I were in that situation, I hope that I can.

  2. Its so refreshing to see you so positive about a breakup-- I mean they suck, lets be honest, but you're exactly right, you can either dwell on it and be miserable or move and and be happy again faster and rediscover the pleasures of single life, before you once again get to experience falling in love!

  3. Haha, Gossip Girl is great thinspo. Plus the guys are pretty *hot*. XD

  4. Hope u r ok, glad u are taking it so well, its the best way to be!
    & ohh I love gossip girl - wont start over here for like another 6 months, im defo jealous haha!

  5. Thanks girl, that was the sweetest comment! I've actually lost 14 pounds. Haha, gotta make it look as good as possible...?