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Thursday, September 10, 2009

She Wolf

Fucking love that song.
Also couldn't think of a creative name for my post.

Anyways... I was doing so well Tuesday, but then when got home and had brie and then went out and had pizza. I took some laxies before bed and yesterday my stomach was cramping reallllly bad. But I have decided to look at it as punishment. If becoming fat isn't a good enough reason not to eat, laxies should be.
Yesterday I did great. Ate maybe 5 Rice Thins (30 cals) and 2 Diet Cokes. When I got home, I ate a bowl of pasta and purged as much as possible. So I'm thinking total intake yesterday was 150 cals - tops. Today my hands are a bit shaky. I've had a Butter Popcorn Rice Cake (35 cal), Medium French Vanilla from Tims (250 cal) - ouch!, and I'm on my 2nd Diet Coke. I think I'll drive to Mississauga to have a coffee with my friend and pick up my fake IDs I left with her by accident when we went clubbing. I can avoid dinner this way, too.
BTW I'm down to 125.2. So, I've been able to put off 3 lbs in 2 days. Not the greatest, but it's ok. I'm bloated, too, because I'm on my period. Just cross my fingers I'm down tomorrow.
As for thinspo, I've got a few models to share. I usually go for the underground art and stuff, but these girls are recognized supermodels.

Michelle's Dutch and absolutely stunning. She's quite successful having done shows for Armani, Dior, Chalayan, Rucci, Prive, you get the idea...

Next on the list is Siri Tollerod. She's got THE perfect body. And a face to match. Like, fuck me.
This shoot is one of my favorites by her. The last photo I found randomly on Google. I just love it.

The last model is probably no stranger to you girls. She's Natasha Poly. Having done shows and shoots for the top designers and being featured in the most prominent fashion magazines today, she's everywhere. She oozes sexiness. There's something that just makes you look twice at her photos.

But let's be serious - no one looks like this by eating like this. Ladies, we know that truth.

Anyways... That's it for me today. I'm lacking on the posts because I'm terribly busy at work. Ah! Stress. But it should die down soon.

Love you all, I'll still be reading when I get the chance.


  1. "She Wolf" is my obsession. I love Natasha Poly! I can't believe you found a picture of her "eating" chocolate. LOL