Oh, and if you're recovering from an ED - good for you, but this isn't the place for you.
And if you are "suffering" from an ED - follow the recoveries. This isn't a place for "victims".
This is a choice,
not an excuse,
not a spotlight,
not a statement,
and definitely not a disease.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh God

Binged again. I won't go into detail because I'm trying not to reflect on it, only to fix it. So absolutely NONONO food today. Only coffee.
Fuck. I can't believe myself.
I'm 127 lbs.
I'm a fat cow.
My boyfriend comes home today.
Words of encouragment greatly appreciated. I could use some help today.

This is what I ate and what I didn't eat, my mother threw into a container for lunch today. I can smell it. It reeks.


  1. Honestly England is such a total bore, I mean yeah its basically the same as America, Like Florida, LA ect if you live in the city, and London like I do - which is a plus! but the weather is diabolical haha!
    Where about will you be working? Is it office based work you do?
    As i also work in offices for a large web hosting company - dull but really good money for a 19 year old, in $ i get around $13 or 14 an hour which is awsum!
    Im not sure we have serise 2 over here, we are behind america, im not sure about canada - which series is showing over their?
    We have different tv channels we dont have the WC, ABC and all them sort of channels like you do?
    Oh do u know where abouts in england you will be going, like what city?

  2. As disgusting as that food looks to me, I want to eat it in one bite!

    5'3, 139.
    5'4, 127.
    If only I were an inch taller, 12 pounds lighter....

    You have one of my favourite songs (and blogger namesake) on your profile?!? I love you already.

  3. ah London is amazing, i live dead close to their, like 1hr up the motorway - best place in england for sure!! u will love it if u go their!
    skins is amazing yeh - have u seen the imbetweeners? another funny as hell english show! but they r probaly the only good ones - unless u count hollyoaks[ a soap ] cos thats good to, everything else is american :)
    ahh office work, boring but pays the bills.
    I dont think ive seen that low cal energy drink? i no they dont have it in the pubs i willhave to see this weekend when im in the clubs - im wary of vodka&redbull tho, aint to good 4 the heart -