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Sunday, August 23, 2009


So, this weekend has been worse than I wanted, but better than I thought in terms of AnaMia. I was doing great Friday until after getting home from a party around 4:30ish am and eating two plates of chicken curry. My drunken self told my Ana self that I would thank her someday. I don't. I wish I had eaten less and something else with less calories and carbs, but tis' life. And if I hadn't, I would have been really sick the next day.
Yesterday I went shopping at Value Village (my favorite store next to Salvation Army) and bought a wonderful amount of clothes. My friend knows I had EDs, so I have to be sure to eat around her. I had soup at Tims for lunch and when we got back (I couldn't help myself) a small plate of chicken curry. We went to a party and I got shmammed. It was horribly amazing.
1/2 26er of Soho (If you haven't tried Soho - do. It's amazing.) and 1/3 26er of tequila. Ouch
I told people "I am mother nature" and followed the proclamation with "and mother nature said let there be rain". Guess what? It rained.
I also used a marshmallow for a cork for the remainder of the tequila (it worked) and took a bottle out of the fire with my hands. God, I'm so fucking smart when I'm drunk.
Biggest event of the night: my best friend's ex showed up. Oh, man. I won't go into details, but if you knew who I am, you would understand (that sounded horribly conceded. I mean it in a way that I know people. And he's going to get his ass kicked). He was scared shitless. I finally let him talk to her but stood by them while they talked. Then you will never guess what she did. She asked me to leave. I was fucking humiliated. Then they went off somewhere and I couldn't find them. He succeeded in convincing her that he didn't cheat (he did-and on her birthday, too) and I was livid when I saw her. But we sorted things out. And the ex? He's going to wish he hadn't fucked with us. Oh, man.
So, I'm sitting here hungover to shit and eating a few sunflower seeds. Life's great. I'm down to 124 but it was on a different scale than the one at my work, so I'll wait til' tomorrow to make the loss definite.

As promised, here's your postly dose of thin art :)

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  1. Hung over.. eurghhhh. Why do you reckon thighs are the issue? I think (maybe) because I was a runner, and it's all a huge muscle. Same for you? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx