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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus.

I just hit a wall. A big mothafuckin wall of food and binged. For 10 days/ Gained 6 lbs.. I think it's the weather. There's really something wrong with me and winter; I think it's S.A.D. but apparently my father is an expert on the disorder and I don't have it. Like he'd know.
PS - bad news: mom found my laxatives. She asked me about them and said "I hope you're no using them for weight loss". Ugh. I said I used them a lot when I was becoming a vegetarian. Legit.
But good news is here which is why I decided to post. Wednesday, I put the wheels in motion and I'm really buckling down. Wednesday I had a pear, an apple, and 2 ricecakes. Yesterday I had an apple, 8 jube jubes (130), and 5 timbits (300). Not exactly healthy - but at least I kept it around 500 for the day. And today I plan on nothing until after 9:00. I'm not drinking any liquids or eating any make-me-feel-full food. I'm going to my friend's uni this weekend and I want to show off my new tattoo (It's a feather on my ribs - I'll post a picture when I'm happy with my body) which means showing skin which means I need to be skinny.
After just the 2 days of restricting I lost the whole 6 lbs. and I'm back at stinking 122. But the progress is such great motivation, I know I'll be ok.
So, since my life is boring, I'll post some thinspo to fill the space :)
PS I'm too lazy to format all the photos, so you'll just have to scroll a lot.

The following are photos by Tamara Schlesinger for Lyell.
Lyell's clothing line is classy and feminine without the excess ruffles. Their looks accentuate all the right areas of these beautiful models and Tamara's photography captures it stunningly. You can really tell a woman took these photos. Perfect timing, perfect composition. Even the blemishes make it all beautiful.

These shots were taken backstage at the Lyell show 2008.

These are 2009 Fall looks

These are some of Lyell's past looks.

Hope you all enjoyed and are doing well on your persuit of hapiness, however you choose to achieve it.
Again, I'm sorry for the hiatus. But I'm back and ready as ever!
I'll try to catch up on your posts today - I'm so far behind!!!
Have a wonderful Friday :)


  1. I missed you! Sounds like you've been bitten by the same bug as the right of us. I binged for about a week and gained four pounds...So I'm right there with you. We'll bring those numbers down! Glad you're doing better!

  2. Wow two days of restricting and you fixed the damage you did? I wish my body was as kind to me as yours just was! So jealous =P
    Your tat sounds hott! Can't wait to see the pic! Stay strong and enjoy your weekend getaway!

  3. i am so jealous of your tat lol. i want to get branches wraping around my side up to my left breast. i want it on ribs tho so itll be a little bit, i just read through all of your blogs and i gotta say, your blog is my fav to read so far.and i just love your model pics, ive been looking forever for pics of skinny girls that were unique but not only for their bones. if you get time i would love it if you could check out my blog, any tips would be great ,
    stay strong and keep focused


  4. hey babe. i just wanted to say that i can relate to you. I suffer bullimia crossed with annorexia too. I wish it were one of the fucking other. Anyway, I'm starting a 30 day juice fast if you are interested?