Oh, and if you're recovering from an ED - good for you, but this isn't the place for you.
And if you are "suffering" from an ED - follow the recoveries. This isn't a place for "victims".
This is a choice,
not an excuse,
not a spotlight,
not a statement,
and definitely not a disease.

Monday, October 5, 2009


 So, I (much like every other promia/ana blogger in our chain) am taking up the SSPO Challenge thanks to Stella Starver! (Oct. 5 - Nov. 1)

Here are SS's rules molded a little to fit me :)

1. Lose a minimum of 5 pounds.
2. Only beverages: anything diet, tea (no milk), water.
3. Absoluutely NO beer. Vodka + diet sodas ONLY
5.No ice cream or cake.
6.No second helpings at meals.
7.Only fruits and veggies for snacks between lunch and dinner.
8.No more than 600 calories Mon-Fri and 1000 Sat-Sun
9.No eating past 8 pm.
10. Exercise at least 3 days per week

I think this will be the push I need.


  1. Thanks for joining! We can totally do this.


  2. I like the idea of everyone getting in on the plan, I think people will be more motivated to carry on, I think it sounds like a good plan :) x

  3. yayyy... im doing the challenge too. good luck dear!