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Thursday, October 1, 2009


So, I had sex with someone other than my ex for the first time in about a year. I went to his house for some drinks and a bunch of friends were there. We've always had a bit of sexual tension, but I always figured he was too much of an asshole to hook up with and it would only leave him with boasting rights. Well, if it's boasting rights he wanted, he's got them now. We sloppily made out on the couch after everyone left. He kept shoving his tongue in my mouth. If we ever hook up again, I'll try and stay sober and kiss him better. I just hate the whole excess tongue shit. You have to know how to do that shit the right way. Anyway, it all lead to his bedroom where.. well, we fucked. It was definately fucking, if anything. Not even giving it sex. There was nothing behind it. At all. And it felt so weird to walk home with no guilt and no satisfaction (Oh - I faked my orgasm, too, because I was late going home and he kept going after he finished. Ugh).
So I'm pretty indifferent. He has a pretty big, dick, too. Sorry I'm getting a little explicit!
I'm going to S's tonight (man - I sound like a class act right here nawt). And I picking up sushi on the way. I hope he makes the first move. He is a little immature and seems a little inexperiences. We'll see how it goes.
And now for some THINSPO! Huray!

Dan Martensen is a world renowned photographer. Super popular and for good reason. Here's some of his photos.

This is my FAVORITE picture of all his collections. Her stare reminds me of "The most famous pisture in the world" - you know, with the Indian girl? Well, I've looked up the model a few times (Her name's Frankie Rayder) and no one quite does her like Dan Martensen.

On the weighted side of life - I've been purging and using laxies a lot because I've been binging a lot. It's because I ate so horribly on the weekend at Queens. So today, I'm back on track. (Other than picking up some sushi tonight). I'm going to wait to weigh myself. Also may invest in a scale. That would help a ton.

I hope everyone's doing super well. Sorry I haven't been commenting. I'm selfish and caught up in my life at present, but hopefully if work isn't too unpleasant today, I'll find some time to brush up on all you blogs.



  1. He kept going after he finished?! What a prick!!

  2. hi there, i'm loving your blog! love your thinspo pictures - so original and beautiful! looking forward to reading more.
    xxxxx kk