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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This My Excavation

So, as promised, thinspo... And a little something different at the end of the post.
James Mountford
The following are several of his shots from different projects he has worked on. All of which are bindblowingly gorgeous. I love that they're all black and white; the natural shadows created by the divets and such in the model's bodies in combination with the harsh light.... ah. Just take a look.

And the following is a piece of writing I'm working on. It's not done yet. I've noticed my writing has stepped away from being about specifics and become very vague and abstract. I've been working on using allusions and delving into more complex literary devices.

As I fell, the sun did nothing but mutter deep yellows and reds.
I waded into this flood and it’s Challenger Deep.
Crossed fingers are praying I’ll float where I usually sink.  

These semantics are semi-antic and semi-
My mind running blind and naked down a dirt road in no one’s home town.

Created and embellished to slowly crawl in circles,
I’m gaining no ground, becoming unbound
Only to match my tracks until I break.

Scuttling of leaves on the canvas of a yard
The apple tree screams autumn
And I realized I hate this season because everything’s dying
And with melted wings, there’s no flying
Away from here.

Hollow walls and empty shelves are constantly shaking,
Scared to smell like a new family
And they’ll grab onto my ankles and weigh me down.

This crippling insomnia has me on my knees,
Begging the Sandman to grind crushed stones into mine hollow seas.

Smoke escapes chapped lips
Spun, Measured, Cut
And by your palm whispered “cut short”
Sprinting through tears, shrugged away.

Feet of lead, my winged fingers billow in the breath of the changing tides
As Sun mutters her way to the sky

This tether is merely feathers
Just play the sun and let me fall

Well, I'm out.
Hope you enjoyed :)
Stay Skinny


  1. Hello Sweet Feather :-)

    Yes, if you send your addie, email and blogger name to me on my e-mail, I am putting a list together and then I will email the group and we can work out what is going on x x x

    LDG (Little Dandelion Girl) x

  2. i know ive said this before and im sure you get tired of hearing it but, you have such amazing talent when it comes to writing. all i can say is wow.
    great pics, nothing wrong with naked women and half naked hot men. lol

    stay strong